Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - 2013

This girls' trip to Mexico was a 40th birthday trip for my sister Nancy and our friend Cynthia.  We were the "Three Amigas" from Feb 3th - 10th in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico staying at the all-inclusive "Friendly Vallarta Resort & Spa".

Feb 3rd
One week in Puerto Vallarta was supposed to start this morning.  Has anyone had a flight delayed 14hrs before?

15hr flight delay to Puerto Vallarta.  Sunwing Airlines sucks!  A strongly worded letter to Sunwing headquarters to follow....

Feb 4th
Highlight of day #1 in Mexico:
Afternoon beachside happy hour musical entertainment by a Mexican man in a sombrero on a dancing horse.

Feb 5th
Highlights of day #2 in Mexico:
Oceanside massage, several good games of beach volleyball, and oceanside beach chair service of fajitas and cervesas by our cabana boy Jorge.

Friendly Vallarta Resort & Spa

Feb 6th
Highlights of day #3 in Mexico:
Groundhog day of same highlights from day # 2  + dinner at the gourmet fancy restaurant at the all-inclusive resort

Feb 7th
Highlights of day #4 in Mexico:
Waking up to the view from our oceanfront balcony overlooking the volleyball court.
Happy hour drinks perched at the edge of the infinity pool listening to the sound of the surf.
Mexican fiesta party at the resort with local entertainment.
PS. Things got a little crazy at Andales bar last night.  I may or may not have danced ON the bar.

Fiesta party at the resort
Dancers at the fiesta party

Heather, Nancy & Cynthia
Heather & Nancy
Heather & Nancy - dancing ON the bar at Andales
Heather & Nancy dancing ON the bar at Andales

Feb 8th
Highlights of day #5 in Mexico:
Ziplining through the jungle set of the 80's movie "Predator".
Swimming with cervesas in the river/waterfall afterwards.
Getting schooled in the fine art of tequila tasting.
Happy hour margaritas and fish tacos at Sea Monkey beach bar in old town.
Enjoyed a special order prawn dinner beachside at the resort.

The movie set of "Predator"
Lounging by the river after ziplining


Feb 9th
Highlights of day #6 in Mexico
Riding the local chicken bus to the hippie dippie surf town of Sayulita
Flopping on the beach and getting WAY too much sun
Margaritas and fish tacos at one of the local joints
Daydreaming of returning to that town for a trip with my #1 guy
Fancy dinner at an offsite restaurant
PS - Note to self: don't lose your wristband for the all-inclusive resort. The resort won't replace it, so I'm on the lam at the resort where I paid a lot of money to stay.  One more day to evade capture from "Friendly Vallarta Resort & Spa"

Sayulita beach
Cynthia, Heather & Nancy - Fish tacos and margaritas

Cynthia, Nancy & Heather - Dinner at La Leche

Feb 10th
Mexico 2013 in review:
Resurrected my cage dancing, tequila drinking, broken Spanish speaking Latina alter-ego "Rosita" - it's fun being a different version of myself for one week.
Laughing and smiling muscles have had a good workout, and the stressometer is at zero.
Successfully dodged the authorities at the resort - apparently only fraudulent criminals lose their all-inclusive wristbands coming in for a hard landing when ziplining.
Significantly improved my overhand volleyball serve.
Left for the airport wearing my swimsuit and flip flops covered in ocean and beach - I guess I have to leave, but it's under protest.

Dancing in the cage at "The Zoo" bar

Tequila shots in the cage at "The Zoo" bar

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